OCXO Oscillators – Thru-Hole

QVS TECH OXCO products feature excellent stability over temperature (to+/- 50ppb) and low phase noise. Typical applications include Telecommunication Equipment, Radar Systems, Test and Measurement Equipment and GPS Tracking Systems. Available in a variety of package sizes with extended temperature ranges and Sine Wave or HCMOS/TTL outputs.

14 Pin DIPTTL/HCMOS1MHz - 100MHzNo

20.7 x 20.7 x 15mmSine Wave/HCMOS1MHz - 150MHzNo

26 x 26 x 13mmTTL/HCMOS1MHz - 150MHzNo

36 x 27 x Hmm
(See Spec)
Sine Wave/HCMOS1MHz - 150MHzNo

OCXO Oscillators – Thru-Hole Mounting

Thru-hole mounting is the process by which component leads are placed into drilled holes on a bare PCB.

Thru-hole mounting of OCXOs is best used for high-reliability products that require stronger connections between layers. While, SMD components are secured only by solder on the surface of the board, thru-hole component leads run through the board, allowing the components to withstand more environmental stress.

If your system has any of the following requirements, thru-hole technology should be considered:

1)    Extreme accelerations, collisions or high temperatures
2)    Manual adjustments required in test and prototyping applications
3)    Product is for the military or aerospace
4)    Component(s) are subject to frequent mechanical stress
5)    Large, high-power or high-voltage parts involved, for example in power circuitry
6)    Manual prototype or component level repair frequently required
7)    Direct interface with breadboard required
8)    Potting compounds go through thermal cycling
9)    Special electrical, mechanical and/or thermal considerations/requirements