OCXO Oscillators – SMD

SeriesSizeOutputFrequencyRoHS CompliantPDF
22 x 25 x 12mmSine Wave/HCMOS10MHz - 20MHzNo

SMD OCXO Oscillators

An Oven Controlled Crystal Oscillator (OCXO) is a type of oscillator that is placed in a temperature-controlled chamber in order to keep the quartz crystal at a constant temperature. This is done to prevent changes in the frequency triggered by variations in ambient temperature.

OCXOs are used to control frequency in:

1)    Radio transmitters
2)    Cellular base stations
3)    Phase Lock Loop (PPL) circuits in telecom timing recovery
4)    Radar stations
5)    Military communications equipment
6)    Precision frequency measurement

OCXOs require more power than oscillators that run at ambient temperature, due to heater power requirements. OCXOs are also larger due to the requirement for the heater, thermal mass, and thermal insulation. Therefore, this type of oscillator is not used in battery powered or miniature applications like watches.

SMD OCXOs are typically used in digital TV-tuner, digital video, DVD, and portable MP3 players.

Our Low Cost SMD OCXO Oscillators

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Our goal is to make specifying a product as easy as possible so that is why we provide as much information as we can to our customers. Take a look at our new QOS10 Series Surface Mount OCXO. It is 22 x 25 x 12mm and has a frequency range between 10 and 20 MHz. It also has a Sine Wave/HCMOS output and is available with a temperature range of -40°C to +85°C.

Making Information Easy to Find

If you are looking for more information on our surface mount OCXO oscillators, there is a PDF file that can be accessed from the same page. In this file, you can see specifications such as Voltage Control, Stability, Output, Phase Noise, and Temperature. We feel that by providing all this information to you in a format that is easy to use. This is one of many examples of how QVS Tech Inc. is committed to being a superior customer service company.

Check out our website and Facebook page, or give us a call at 760-929-8677 to receive a quote or view our catalog with all of our wide range of frequency control products. At QVS Tech Inc. we are here to give you the exact product you need at competitive prices.