Clock Oscillators – Thru-Hole

QVS TECH Thru-Hole Clock Oscillators are available in a wide variety of packages to meet your needs. Our Clock Oscillators are available with tight tolerances and extended temperatures and are RoHS compliant. Features include Low Jitter, HCMOS/TTL Compatible Logic Levels and Enable/Disable Functions. QVS Tech Oscillators come in either Full Size or Half Size Cans. Typical applications include Test Equipment, Camera and Video Equipment, Modems, Routers and Networking Equipment.

8 Pin DIPTTL/HCMOS10KHz - 160MHzYes

14 Pin DIPTTL/HCMOS10KHz - 160MHzYes

14 Pin DIPECL5MHz - 400MHzNo

14 Pin DIPPECL5MHz - 400MHzNo

Clock Oscillator Thru-Hole Mounting

Clock oscillators mounted using the thru-hole package are mounted into holes of a printed circuit board.  The leads are soldered, which provides permanent mounting.  This type of mounting is used mainly in Dual Inline Packaging (DIP) and Pin Grid Array Packaging.

Thru-hole technology is widely used in testing and prototype applications as they often need manual adjustments and replacements.

Systems having any of the following requirements should consider through-hole mounting:

1)    Extreme accelerations, collisions or high temperatures
2)    Manual adjustments required in test and prototyping applications
3)    Product is for the military or aerospace
4)    Component(s) are subject to frequent mechanical stress
5)    Large, high-power or high-voltage parts involved, for example in power circuitry
6)    Manual prototype or component level repair frequently required
7)    Direct interface with breadboard required
8)    Potting compounds go through thermal cycling
9)    Rigorous electrical, mechanical and/or thermal considerations/requirements

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