MEMS Frequency Control Products Launched by QVS Tech

QVS Tech Inc. has announced that they are now offering microelectromechanical sensor (MEMS) frequency control products. They use a silicon-based MEMS oscillator CMOS circuit as opposed to a quartz based resonator for frequency generation. This is a drop in replacement for most quartz based oscillators. A key advantage is that it provides tight frequency stability in sizes of 2.0 mm x 1.6 mm, 2.5 mm x 2.0 mm, 3.2×2.5 mm and 5.0 mm x 3.2 mm. The new product series is known as the QMEM series and their LVCMOS series is compatible with clock oscillator devices. Those who want to learn more about what they offer can visit their website.

The usual applications for these MEMS frequency control products are Fiber Channel, Gigabit Ethernet, Servers, Routers, PCI Express, network switching, FBDIMM, SATA/SAS, ATM, SONET, and SDH. They can also be used in scanners, medical equipment, modems, printers, cameras, notebook computers, and PDAs.

These MEMS frequency control products offer various technical benefits. They are fully configurable and have a wide frequency range of 1 MHz to 110 MHz. Several supply voltages are available, such as +1.8V, +2.5V, +2.8V, and +3.3V. They offer +/- 20ppm frequency stability in a wide range of operating temperatures. They have low ms period jitter and they have tight duty cycle options of 50 percent +/- 5 percent. They are halogen free, lead free, and antimony free. They are also compliant with the Restriction of Hazardous Substances Directive (RoHS) and the REACH regulation of the European Commission. QVS Tech offers fast delivery in five days or even less.